Big Team vs Small Team vs Individual work in projects

Hi everyone!

Finally a brand new post coming up. This time I’m going to strike about an interesting topic that maybe you should thought in one of those times that you think about a lot of things when you are inspired or when you are drinking with friends hahaha.

Is it better to have a job with an small amount of people, with a big one or just be alone on it?

Lets discuss each one of the options individually by pointing its flaws and benefits, according to my experience.

Big Team

OK now you are a member of a big team of developers,designers, architects, etc. In which normally all fo them take part of a really big project and that’s maybe the reason of why the team is quite large.Whatever reason here are the important aspects that you should consider with working as a team:

  • Opportunity to have mentoring in a lot of areas(if you want to) : By being part of a big team, you have the chance of knowing a lot of different kinds of people with different kinds of skills and conceptions of live that you can take advantage of, that’s if you are willing to do so.
  • Possible competition and willing to grow maximized: Normally in these kinds of teams you will find people that are a lot greater or equal in the skills that you have, which depending in your perspective you can take it as a motivation trigger to grow or as an uncomfortable sense of envy.
  • Difficulty to cooperate or to act as a team: As a lot of people is involved in this project, it turns out that its difficult to make a decision that everyone agreed as everyone as different opinions and perceptions of the problem that everyone is facing.
  • Turns hard to get noticed: When big achievements come, the rewards come to the whole team, and whatever kind of effort you make, its hard to get noticed as everyone participates in something either big or small and want the same recognition as yourself.

    Small team

On small teams, the work normally gets harder but seems that it could bring some benefits also into the table:

  • More work which means more experience: As your team is smaller, the hats that you wear are higher so you require to know a lot of skills in a short amount of time.
  • Easier to take team decisions: Is it easier to get fewer people to get into an agreement, so less impediments to get things done.
  • Possible sacrifice personal time for work: As more work gets on the way and there are fewer hands to accomplish it, you will have to swallow the fact that you will work extra hours.
  • Quality reduction: As deadlines get closer, it is highly possible that the quality of the work can be left of in order to get the things done in less time.


On individual projects you get the more responsibility on your shoulders. This ones are not very common but you can take this thoughts as well if you want to strike the entrepreneur route:

  • You are your own boss: This is the status where you get the most liberty that you can get on your work, as you decide the way you want to work and the pace of it.
  • You get all the recognition you deserve for: As you are the only person in charge for an specific work, you will have all eyes on you which it is extremely good if you commit to it and stick to the hard work that you will have.
  • Say you wanted to work? You will have… and a lot of it: Yeah, on this situation you will have the most amount of work possible as any kind of option, so you have to be conscious of it and manage your time very strictly.
  • Big responsibility on your shoulders: As all of your eyes will be pointing at you, you will have to take charge of either the wins or loses of the project, you and only you.
    So these are the main aspects that I have been experimenting on my career,hope to be very helpful for you and please comment below your ideas about these types of work environments. Which ones are the best suit for you?

Thanks and see you soon!