Certifications vs Masters

Hi reader!

Today I want to talk about a topic that may interest you, and its something that comes around the train of thought whenever you want to try to go upper in your professional career. Is it better to invest in achieving certifications on different technologies or should I go for a masters degree?

There are some aspects that we should consider in order to choose between each other and for me they are: Investment, Market and Yourself.


On this first point to discuss, you should see if the investment on whatever choose will make, will be returned or will give you more than that. Simple.

If getting a certification will give you a raise or a better position at your work, then go ahead. If achieving a master will get you travel around the world doing conferences then go ahead.

Here depends on the needs that each one of us have in particular, but one thing that is common is that you should evaluate the return of investment that you will have at the end of the day, whether is money, new job/position, better life quality, open a business,etc.


Other aspect that might give you the answer and is kind of related with the previous one is to see the trends on the market on both options in the geographical zone that you are willing to work.

Who knows? Maybe Mexico has a lot of companies that are willing to pay more money on job openings for certificated people only or in Australia there is a trend for people that have achieved a masters for investigation or science related companies.

This can be also more specific, at a company level for example, when maybe Microsoft or Oracle prefer more people certified on its technologies.

This depends too much on the company that you want to work for, or the kind of opportunity that you want to take, for example to going and travel around the globe creating your own products or spread your knowledge.


I think when you achieve something, there is a new challenge waiting for you, and the intention of complete a goal that you think and trust that will make you stronger, that feeling takes all.

Without caring all the economical aspect, or professional in some instance, at the end it counts on how you feel, and the enthusiasm that you get when you imagine yourself when you get to the finish line.

I have done both ways, and to tell you the truth some of the skills that I learned along the way, I have not used in my daily work, or maybe unconsciously, but I dont regret investing in them, as Im driven by the feeling of completion and by getting better and better on myself and my career.

Hope you find this tips useful and stay tuned for more content.