The moment where everything starts.

So it finally started. If you are looking at this post you should be proud of it as it is the first post that I make for my own blog. But what makes it so special you may ask? Because the intention for this is for you to get inspired and create your own blog.

Yes you can sign on a virtual screen

As a developer I’m always learning stuff, making my own experiments and try some personal projects in order to be better at coding. I also spend some time helping others in solving their technical problems and also make them laugh in order to free their stress which makes me feel productive.

Then I started to think that something was wrong in my career. Some heavy feeling of comfort was around my environment that I was getting used to it. I was looking at others people having meetings, traveling to start new client businesses, feeling hard pressure for deadlines and also building awesome products.

I was jealous of their situation and also admire how these people acted on those circumstances.

Yes you can sign on a virtual screen

Suddenly, I meet a guy that started to remove the blindfold from my eyes. A guy that I didn’t know how was getting a lot of things done in a very short amount of time. His list includes courses, blogs, videoblogs, a book, email courses, personal projects and products, etc.

I started to look at some of the courses, then I subscribed to their newsletter and after that I couldn’t stop. His commitment and consistency inspired me to start to get a boost in my career.

His name is John Sonmez, and I subscribed to his blogging course (which is free) and created this blog in order to help others and also for help me into be a better software developer.

He is this guy by the way.

John Sonmez

The idea of this blog is to have a place where controversial topics in the IT industry get into discussion with the purpose of find the best approach/solution for them.

Which server side platform is better? Which language is better? What are the pros cons of them? Which is the one should I take to solve my application needs? This questions and more will be taken to the ring of the match between topics.

I think the blog theme is great so I hope to have a big community of experts involved into the same.

If you also are interested in make your own blog also ,you are on time for enter to the course. Do me a favor and go to this link to find more info about it:

If you also want to find more about John Sonmez you can go to his blog which provides great content:


So this journey begins right now for me and I hope you can start your own also.


Thanks for reading!